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05 September 2010

This and That

* The Captain will be gone for most of September. Booooo. I knew he'd be TDY this month before I moved out here and it's way better than being separated for months and months, but it still sucks. It really sucks because I can't drive here. So I am kind of stuck in one spot unless I want to spring for a taxi and they are stupid expensive. So I'll watch my one channel of AFN and whatever I can find online, read, play on Facebook and take a lot of naps. Wake me up when September ends. (Thanks, Green Day.)

* We are trying to make plans for when we move back to the States at the end of the year, but he has yet to receive any orders. He had been conditionally accepted to NPS, but he was TDY for 3.5 months when the deadline passed to turn in the rest of his paperwork. He just didn't have the time or capability to get it all in. He's disappointed not to go and I'm disappointed to not live in Monterey. If nothing else works out, we'll be going to Leavenworth for CGSC. He would prefer to go to school in Newport RI, so I'm hoping he is able to do that. He'd be happier with that and I'd totally be happier living in RI than KS! Regardless of where we end up, it will be nice to be living in the US again! I will never take a dishwasher or garbage disposal for granted again.

* I experienced my first typhoon last week! Typhoon Kompasu hit the island and brought fairly strong winds and a ton of rain. It wasn't as strong as what was expected, so there wasn't a lot of damage or anything. I retained electricity and cable, so I was pleased. We had another typhoon watch for this weekend, but it died out.

* I sold my car when I moved out here, so we're starting to check out what to get when we move back. I really like the Acura TL, but he doesn't think it is very well made. He also ruled out the Altima and Accord. What has survived the list so far? Audi A4, Camry, Passat, Mercedes C350 (Ha, yeah right.). I'm pretty excited about getting a new car! Heck, I'm excited about being able to drive whenever and wherever I want again.

* We went on a little shopping spree and bought a new TV and I got a MacBook Pro to replace the laptop that went on permanent vacation with United. It is sweeeeeet. We also ordered the new Apple TV. I like new toys.

* I slipped on the sidewalk this morning and my wrist is absolutely killing me now. It's all swollen and funny looking. They used coral in a lot of the paving here and it gets so slick when it rains. Flip flops with no traction are probably not the best footwear to sport, huh?


Ben and Emily said...

Hope this month flies! I hated when B went on his "field trips" (as I called them)!

Glad you're okay with the typhoon and fall!

Enjoy all your new toys!

It's Something Beautiful said...

I hope September goes by fast and that your wrist is feeling better soon.

Enjoy all your new toys - so jealous of the laptop!!


Michelle A'etonu said...

hope this month flies by for you! sorry you fell...that can't be good. so your CPT will be headed to CGSC soon, eh? he must be a senior CPT.

Lynley said...

Sorry you'll be alone this month, but at least there's the internet! And for what it's worth, we have an Acura TL, and we LOVE it! I'm so glad I went with it over the Accord. We haven't had any issues with it at all. Can't speak for the ones the Captain has endorsed, but I do know they're a lot more expensive than the TL. Of course, if you've got the money, go for the Mercedes! ;0)

Anonymous said...

I tagged you in my post on 09/07. :)

Kara said...

I was just reading old posts of mine and realized you are in Okinawa! I'm here!