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13 May 2010

Spreading the Love

Big thanks to Ines at The Few. The Proud. The Wife. and Staci at  Random Ramblings of a Military Wife for the Sweet Blog Award!

Thanks, ladies! I appreciate it. Go check out their blogs - they are great! So now I am passing it along to 10 other sweet bloggers. I hope I'm not duplicating anyone!

4. Cheryl at Boots in the Doorway
8. Allison at I Heart Change
9. Mrs. Gambizzle at Life as a Sailor's Girl

Hope you love these blogs as much as I do!

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Mrs. Gambizzle said...

Thank you you're so sweet! :)

Sespi said...

Thank you! :)

Allison @ I heart Change said...

Thank you for the award! That is so nice.

Whitney said...

Thank you so much!

Laina said...

Congratulations on your award! I found your blog through another blog that I regularly read. I love your blog and will continue to check back for new updates and posts!