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15 May 2010

This and That

First off....

Thank someone who serves today!

Thing two: I won two giveaways! I was so excited since I rarely win anything! I won an awesome spa basket from Shanon Renee at Life as a Future Navy Wife and I loooove it. I'm officially obsessed with Bath and Body Works' aromatherapy lotions! I meant to take a picture to post it but I jumped the gun and started playing with all of my goodies when it arrived. I need to gather some of it back up and take a picture. From the Sailor Wifey, I won a blog button from Designer Blogs! When I have that up, I hope you'll add it to your blog! Thanks so much, ladies!

Thing three: It's a day late, but I thought I'd participate in Fill in the Blank Friday from The Little Things We Do.

1. The very best thing about the summer is my birthday! In general, that is the best thing. I'm not a big fan of humid summers, so the season itself doesn't hold much for me!
2. My first crush ever was Jeffrey Dial. He was going to be President one day and he said I could be his Martha Washington. However, I would have to wear long dresses to cover up the birthmark by my knee. Such a charmer that boy was.
3. This may sound really silly but I have an unnatural fear of beetles/junebugs. Seriously. I know it won't hurt me, but I will scream like a little girl if one lands on me or gets close to me. 
4. I squeeze my toothpaste from the bottom if I have a tube, but my new toothpaste is in a can. It's pretty cool if I do say so myself.
5. My absolute favorite comfort food is my mom's Chicken Pot Pie. Hands down. 
6. A random fact about me is I never took Driver's Ed.
7. The one piece of technology that truly makes my life better and I couldn't live without is my Blackberry. I would say my computer, but without my phone I couldn't talk to the Captain. And that would make for a very sad girl. 

Thing Four: Thanks to Whitney at Everything Happens for a Reason for another award!

With this award, you post seven things about yourself and then pass it on!
1. I can't swim. Well, I can stay afloat and I can doggie paddle, but as for real swimming with some kind of form? Nope.
2. I hate lettuce. People try to say it has no taste, but they are so wrong! Iceberg lettuce is horrible. If there is one shred of it on my taco from Taco Bell, I literally gag. My best friend seems to think this is funny. I do not.
3. I crave Japanese curry from Coco's Curry House like it's nobody's business. Unfortunately, there is only location in the United States and it is in Honolulu. The rest of the chain is located throughout Asia. This makes it difficult to satisfy my craving.
4. My first time in a taxi was last summer in Okinawa at the age of 31.
5. I had brain surgery when I was 19. Through my nose. 
6. I have attended parties at Alan Jackson's house.
7. I have never been skiing - water or snow.

I'll pass this along to:
Hope at Top Shelf Thinks (she also has two other awesome blogs - And So We Eat. Again. and the upcoming Beer PCS)

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Laina said...

Hi there! I see you are my newest follower :) Thank you :) I love your blog and will continue to check back for new updates and posts!

Michelle said...

Wow! Thanks so much for the award!!! I'll definitely pass it on! I love chicken pot pie too...and homemade is definitely the best!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Oh can't wait to see your button! I will SO add it :)

Whitney said...

I use the toothpaste in a can...it's awesome. My boyfriend introduced me to it!

I never took driver's ed either, because my high school didn't offer it. Plus, no on really needs it. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

i adore your new layout!

Anonymous said...

Girl, I didn't know you still blogged!!! I will save your site to my blog roll. I haven't deleted my blogger site yet because I haven't figured out how to transfer everything over to my iweb. I might not be able to do that anyways and might just have to print it off into a book. I have been blogging here though, so bookmark it... http://web.me.com/lauriecole7
Keep in touch girl!! I will keep coming back!!

Anonymous said...

YES, Terry and Aunna won the contest! Thank you so much for having your girls vote!! I will keep checking back!

Hope said...

thank you for the award, HB! big hugs!

Lauren said...

There is a surprise for you on my blog


have a fantastic week!