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08 December 2009

Grinchy McGrinch*

* aka me

Here we are, what, 16 days from Christmas? I have yet to get into the Holiday spirit. I suppose I'm not really Grinchy, I'm just kind of...blah. I imagine I am just stressed from the lack of career opportunities, random bits of drama and missing B something fierce these days. Maybe it will hit me in the next 16 days? If not, then I need to indulge in a few of these so I can relax a little.

The Grinch Martini
Add equal parts vodka, white cranberry juice and sour apple mix. Shake, shake, shake, serve in a martini glass rimmed with a candy cane thats been zapped in a food processor and then drink, drink, drink.

And your guests small heart will grow 3 sizes for sure.


I love you days said...

Thanks for the recipe!

Anonymous said...

Oh I think I shall be drinking one of those this weekend... Thanks for sharing the recipe!