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14 November 2009

My Shtick

So I am in the car with my brother this evening flipping through my iPod. He gets irritated with me because I keep skipping songs he wants to listen to - hey buddy, my car, my iPod, my choice...but I digress. He laments the fact that I am picking "lovey" songs. "Where is your angsty music? What's up with this lovey crap?" I tell him I am not feeling angsty today and the song I picked was not particularly sappy anyway. "Well angst is your thing. It's your shtick. You have to be angsty." Um, thanks little bro. I'm not sure what that says about me. Actually, I think it might say that I'm a sad, bitchy person, but we'll gloss over that. I didn't know I had a shtick, but if I did, I would not have picked angst. Eh...who am I kidding? So I haven't been on the high end of the emotional spectrum the last few years. People can change, right? Or maybe people are changed.

And for anyone who is wondering what my sappy love song was, it was "Killing Me Too" by Sister Hazel. I think that's effectively somewhere between love and angst.

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Anonymous said...

That would be awesome if you could let me know some names of people. I appreciate it, girl! I'm originally from "the south," haha, I've grown up all over...Tennessee, Georgia, and now North Carolina.