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11 November 2009

Veteran's Day

I am the daughter of a Soldier. The granddaughter of an Airman and a Sailor. The girlfriend of a Soldier. The friend of many Soldiers, Marines, Airmen and Sailors. Many of my friends are members of military families. I am proud to have so many brave, selfless, patriotic and honorable people in my life. Your service has not gone unrecognized and your sacrifices have not been in vain. Thank you to all who have served and to all who continue to put it on the line every day. We are better because of you. We are safer because of you. Stay strong. Stay safe. Know that you are appreciated beyond measure.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, he is stationed @ Ft. Bragg :) It would be awesome if you could get me in touch with your friends there. We don't have a whole lot since we live off-post, and I'm still very new to the whole Army life. Glad you found my blog! Looking forward to following yours :)