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30 May 2014

ProFoot Goodies!

I received the ProFoot Triad Orthotics and Pedi Rock from Influenster to sample and review. They arrived in my #GoVoxBox for people who like to live a healthy and active lifestyle! I was really excited to try these out.
First, the Triad Orthotics. These are great, inexpensive inserts for your shoes. You can buy them at Wal-Mart as cheap as $5! That's a great price for an orthotic. They fit well in my shoes and did not need to be trimmed to fit. They provided great support and were very comfortable! Hello happy feet!
Speaking of happy feet, the Pedi Rock is amazing. I was actually in need of a new foot file/pumice/anything to soften my feet, so this came at the perfect time! It looks like a big lava rock and it's soft, so it forms to the hand holding it and the foot very well. It can also be used wet or dry. Love it!! My feet feel amazing!

Thanks so much to Influenster! #GoPROFOOT

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