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14 July 2010

Days 24-25

Day Twenty-Four: Whatever tickles your fancy...

Well, I need to try to get caught up, so an update will be what tickles my fancy!

I'm trying to work my way back into my online world! I've been in Japan for about a week and a half now and I am so incredibly glad that we came to this decision. He took 2 weeks of leave so we've been able to spend a lot of time together and it has been wonderful to see him every day. He'll be on a TDY next week, so it will be our first little test. I'm used to us being apart, so I don't think it will be horrible. The bad part is that my birthday is next week so I will be alone that day. However, if I had been in the states, we still would have been apart and my parents will be on a cruise, so I would have been alone anyway! We haven't done too much since I've been here except chill out, watch TV and movies and just enjoy being together. That's fine with me! We did go over to Kadena Air Base the other night to have dinner at Chili's (it was sooooo good) and went to the movies to see Knight and Day. I am trying to get him to take me to see Eclipse before he leaves on Sunday! We still have some details to work out since we did this so spontaneously, but it will all come together.

The flights were not bad at all. I guess being incredibly excited helps you to not be miserable during 23 hours of travel. It also helped that I was able to move to a bulkhead exit row seat from Chicago to Tokyo!

I have to say my family has been amazing. I was afraid that my parents would completely freak out with the news. They've been anticipating me moving eventually and knew that I wanted to go to Japan, but I knew the turnaround time of this move would throw them for a loop. They were surprised, but absolutely supportive. They made sure that this was what I wanted and that I was happy, some tears were shed by all and then my dad helped me book my flight. They worked their asses off to get me packed up and moved out of my apartment. They helped me get what I needed to make this happen. They made this quick transition as easy as possible for me. I have never lived more than 30-45 minutes away from my family, so I knew this would be tough. I was afraid the airport goodbyes would be absolutely miserable, but I think I cried more than anyone else. They held it together for me and my dad assured me that this was a good move, a good decision. That meant the world to me. I was sad that I didn't get to say a real goodbye to my brother, his family and many of my friends. Maybe it's easier not to prolong the goodbyes (or the Farewell Tour, as I started calling it), but it was hard not to be able to see people. I'm just glad that everyone has supported me....or at least pretended to support me! My grandmothers did not "give me their blessing" since I wasn't married before living with the Captain, but that's to be expected. They were still happy that this was happening in my life. I feel very, very blessed.

Day Twenty-Five: Your day in great detail

Woke up at the hotel around 0600 and we walked over to his room in post. Went back to sleep for a few hours. Researched the exchange rates for all of the countries he was in during his April-June TDY to help him out with his travel voucher. Watched lots of Deadliest Catch episodes and cried when Phil died. Anticipated Big Brother but was sad to realize that it doesn't come on until tomorrow. Cleaned the kitchen after he cooked our dinner. Had to go back and fix the exchange rate spreadsheet. Got a little irritated because the Captain fell asleep at 2030 when we were sitting there talking. Cleaned the exploded Coke out of the freezer. Tried to catch up on the Internet. Blogged!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Girl! Glad to finally see an update! I am so happy things are working smoothly for you. I didn't realize you were moving in with the Captain, I don't know what else I thought you would be doing either! We also had a coke explode not too long ago in the freezer, what a mess. I do not watch deadliest catch but heard about a guy dying...I must be missing out. Keep in touch girl and keep writing! Thanks for the encouragement with Grace!