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14 June 2010

And the winner is.... (Days 6-8)

Day 6 is an anything goes day, so I'm using it announce my giveaway winner! *drumroll please* Liz at Hello, Hansen is the lucky recipient of a blog button from Designer Blogs! Congrats, Liz!!

Day 7: A picture that makes you happy

This isn't a very good picture, but it reminds me of how excited (and crazy nervous) I was when I was boarding my flight to Japan to visit the Captain last summer.

Day 8: A picture that makes you sad or angry
This was taken on the day my dog, Hoover, died last year. I miss my puppy dog (okay, so at 14 he wasn't really a puppy....) and while I'm glad I have the picture, it makes me sad that he's gone. It also reminds me of that day.


Blessing said...

I will love to go to Japan!!! And sorry about your day,you must be really sad this time last year.

Musings of an Army Wife

EMH said...

Hooray!! Thanks, HB! Can't wait to get my button :)

Nikkie said...

I'm hoping to be going to Japan this coming november. Biggest worry, how the heck do you find your way around the airport there? haha.

Aww your little puppy was so cute. My dog is getting to that age too and I still call her puppy. It's okay!

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Nicole said...

Awww what a cute puppy! So sorry for your loss, The BF just lost his "puppy" a few weeks ago, what a terrible feeling BUT just remember the good days and be grateful you were blessed =D