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03 May 2010

And so it rained...

As most of you have probably seen on the news, Nashville is pretty much underwater.

The river is usually to the right of the trees on the far right. We had heavy rains on Saturday and Sunday and this resulted in massive flooding of historic proportions. The Cumberland River crested this evening around 52 or 53 feet. The last time the river was recorded at that level was 1937. To put into greater perspective how epic that is, the river was at 19 feet on Friday. The devastation is, well, devastating. In addition to the thousands of homes that were damaged and likely destroyed, major businesses and attractions were affected.

1500 people were evacuated from Opryland Hotel Sunday night and it now has 10 feet of water inside. It may remain closed for months. This photo is in an enclosed conservatory area.

LP Field where the Tennessee Titans play football was flooded to the 5th row of seats.

Bridgestone Arena is where the Nashville Predators play and where most concerts are held. The SEC basketball tournament was also held here this year.

I'm sure the Grand Ole Opry House doesn't need an introduction. It is also where I graduated high school.

Even after the immediate issues of safety, drinking water, electricity, etc. are taken care of, the economic impact on the area is going to be heavy. We were lucky where I live. I didn't have any damage and my parents had about 2 feet of water in their crawlspace. So many people have lost everything. It is absolutely heartbreaking to see the news coverage. Flash flooding and tornadoes were the concern on Saturday. There was actually a school portable building that some somehow made it to the flooded interstate and was floating down I-24. It ended up crashing into several cars and a tractor trailer. This picture is of the interstate at the peak of the flood.
I can't imagine what a mess Nashville will be in once the waters finally recede. I feel terrible for all these people who didn't have flood insurance and are now realizing that homeowner's insurance doesn't cover flooding. Keep Middle Tennessee in your thoughts and prayers. They'll certainly be needed for awhile.

And to bring a little levity to the tragic situation, I bring you the Nashville Tornado Penis. One of our meteorologists ended up drawing this lovely picture on air. Thanks Charlie Neese. You are now famous. (Hey, he even has a FB fan page.)


Whitney said...

We got it bad here too in Kentucky, but I don't think nearly as bad as Nashville..well, at least where I live.

Oh no! The Gaylord Opryland Hotel :( I was hoping to take my boyfriend down to Nashville and stay there this summer. Now it might be closed :( I loved that place.

Just Anchored said...

Thankfully you and your family were spared any damage! I'm currently in East TN and all we got was a few sprinkles compared to you guys. I loved the hotel and the mall too...it will take months to fix and a ton of money. It is just horrible.

On a lighter note...holy weather map penis! wowza!

Shelly said...

I hope you are doing well and staying dry away from the flooding. It is absolutely insane around this part of TN. I cannot believe the photos.

Brandi said...

Natural disasters are just heartbreaking, I'm deff thinking about all the folks around there. :(

BryceandWhit said...

Oh wow my thoughts and prayers are for everyone...Me and hubby are stationed at Ft. Campbell, Ky...Im living in New Mexico right now while he is deployed tho..I would be going crazy if I was there all by myself

lmc said...

I know!! The weather here has been crazy! I finally left my house yesterday and could see parts of the aftermath...wow.

Michelle Ioapo A'etonu said...

i'm so glad that you are safe and well, but keep all those affected in prayer.

what a funny way to end the post. I thought you meant to write "peninsula"!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

I'm just praying for everyone affected! It is such a sad thing but even sadder it can't be stopped or prevented.

♥ Mrs. S.

Jessica said...

praying for everyone affected...so much devastation

Cup of Crazy said...

I spent my wedding night in one of the rooms overlooking the now swamp at Opryland.:(

Christina said...

Every time I see pictures from home.. I want to cry. Nashville is my home. Even if the Military moves us all across the world, Nashville, Tennessee will always be our home.

navywife24 said...

So sad!! Tennessee will definitely be in my prayers!


the navy wife