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14 February 2010

Sports Stuff on Sunday

I know the Super Bowl was last week, but I forgot about posting my favorite commercial until I saw them over at Lovely Yellow Ribbons and LMStoehr! This one was my absolute favorite.

So sweet! (And appropriate to post on the Hallmark holiday, right?) I also loved the Doritos commercial with the little kid telling his mom's date to keep his hands of his mama and his Dorito's. Too funny. As for the game, I was torn. Although I'm not a Colts fan, I am a Peyton Manning fan from his days at the University of Tennessee. On the other hand, I thought the Saints winning wouldn't be too bad since they never have. I went with Peyton, though. And I lost. Oh well. At least it was to a team that I kind of liked! Maybe the Titans will go next year? Yeah. Doubtful.

I'm so excited that it's Olympic time! I wish I could be in Vancouver. It looks gorgeous! And really, let's be honest...I'd like to look at Apolo Ohno, too. I enjoyed the speed skating and freestyle moguls this evening. Looking forward to seeing more skiing, speed skating, snowboarding, hockey and, my fave, the figure skating. The Captain and my dad are all about curling this year. Huh? When did it gain such popularity...and why? Maybe someone can enlighten me. Go USA!
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Ben and Emily said...

What a sweet commercial (I must have missed that one)!

I'll have to check out Curling too! :)

The Undomestic Army Wife said...

award at my blog

Enchante said...

I love this commerical... Thanks for sharing!