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25 May 2009

Don't mind me....

I'm just ranting.

  • Why are people so obscenely inconsiderate? Tact and manners are completely underrated these days. If I wanted to be berated, I'd go have a conversation with my ex-boyfriend. I don't expect that from someone I consider (considered?) a friend.
  • I was behind a car today that had bumper stickers that annoyed me. "YES WE DID" Yes we did what? Elect a socialist? Weaken our national security? Indeed. We did. I'm so proud. "PEACE. BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND." Really? Last time I checked, we were still targeted by terrorists and our brave men and women are still sacrificing for us overseas. Would peace be great? Absolutely. Do I think it's feasible in this day and time? Unfortunately, I don't.
  • I wish people (in this case, colleagues) would either mind their own business or just ask what is going on. We are adults. Why gossip and act the age of the children we teach?


I guess I just have a lot of frustration and most of it is aimed at rude people. We don't all have to like each other, but can we just leave well enough alone?

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