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20 July 2010

Day 30 - I made it!

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Day Thirty: Whatever tickles your fancy

I made it to the end of the Thirty Day Meme! Have you learned anything new about me? Technically, this took more than thirty days, but that is okay. Today is my birthday! I have to admit that it doesn't really feel like my birthday. The Captain is traveling this week, so I'm by myself. That's just the way this life works out sometimes, though! He was deployed on my birthday last year and I'm quite positive it's not the last holiday, birthday or anniversary that we won't spend together. He'll be gone for his birthday, too. That just means we get bonus days to celebrate, right? I'm going to go wander around on Kokusai-Dori Street and just try to enjoy myself. Kokusai Street is the major shopping/entertainment district in Naha. It's pretty interesting! There are a variety of restaurants, shops, bars and pretty much anything else you can think of. I like checking out the stores and will definitely have to come back before it's time to PCS out and spend some money! I might sample some random international foods. I haven't even had proper Japanese food on Okinawa and this is my second time here! I'm actually wanting to try the Turkish food vendor, for some reason. I had Charlie's Tacos yesterday and they were SO good. One of my sorority sisters is from Okinawa and she has given me some great tips of places to check out. Apparently Blue Seal Ice Cream is a must try, so maybe that will be my equivalent of birthday cake! You can also sample pretty much any sake, awamori or anything else that is sold in the liquor section of these shops. Can't beat that! I'm not sure I'm ready to try the Habu Sake yet, though.
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♥Miss Brittney♥ said...

How neat!! :) Happy Birthday!!

The Wifey said...

Happy birthday!

JG said...

Happy Birthday!

Mmm...Turkish food! I had Turkish food in Amsterdam back years ago, and it was awesome.

Christina said...

How are you liking Okinawa so far? What base are you on?

Nathan Scheer said...

Dude you gotta try the habushu that they freeze http://nihonscope.com/food-and-sake/habushu-snake-sake-courageous/