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24 February 2010

Wish List Wednesday

I would love to have a nice DSLR. The picture quality is so much better. I'm jealous of my sister-in-law's camera! Even random snapshots come out looking way better than anything that comes out of my point and shoot.

Ah, how I would love a MacBook Pro. My current laptop overheats to the point of burning me, shuts down all the time and is pretty heavy to carry around. Oh, and the battery only lasts an hour.

I would love any Medallion status for the upgrades, priority baggage handling, priority lines, waived baggage fees, etc..but we'll get really crazy and say I wish for Diamond Medallion Status. Or I could get even crazier and just say that I want unlimited plane tickets.

Because it is simply the most comfortable bed. Ever.

(Less than 48 hours to go time!!!)


Mermaids and Sailors said...

there is a laptop cooling fan you can buy at walmart for less than $20. It just snaps on the bottom.

Phil said...

Love our macbook pro, we got the little 13inch one last year because it is so powerful and portable. we bought ours during the tax holiday and saved a ton! love the blog! P.S. thanks for the "place of interest" link - Phil & Mindy of Phindy Studios.

militarydutystations.com said...

Good wishlist! Hope you get all you want;)


alanna said...

oh i want one of those fancy cameras too!! they really do take fab photos :D