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04 September 2008

RNC Commentary...Part I

Don't you love how everything is in multiple parts these days? I have too much to say in short amounts of time....So we'll just cover bits of tonight's RNC program:

Tom Ridge: I liked his speech. I don’t think I’ve realized that he was a good, strong speaker before tonight. “It’s not about talking pretty. It’s about talking straight.” I loved that line. Great contrast between the eloquent candidate full of rhetoric and the candidate that actually says what he’s going to do.

Side note – When you speak and you don’t get the type of response Palin, Thompson or Giuliani received, do you feel bad?

Side note 2 - Cindy McCain’s name is actually Cindy Lou? Like Cindy Lou Who? That cracks me up. People used to call my mom that when she was younger. And further off topic, her dresses are cute.

Cindy McCain: Her speech was a bit boring. I do like that both she and Palin are mothers of military men. For eight years, pundits have asked of Bush – would you send your daughters to war? Well they can ask that of John McCain and Sarah Palin and they can answer with all honesty – yes. Do we really think that they would put the military in a position they did not feel was right when their children are there??

John McCain: Okay, how many people are going to say his was disingenuous when he said he respected Obama and was proud to be a fellow American? Is it possible that he is actually an honorable and kind man? It really upset me to hear how so many people thought it was a jerk of him to congratulate Obama on his historic nomination. Damned if you, damned if you don’t. He is definitely not as fiery as Thompson or Palin, but I loved the “don’t be distracted by the ground noise and the static” comment about the crazy protesters trying to crash the convention. I don’t get people like that. Anyway, when McCain speaks, it just seems real to me. I don’t feel like he’s throwing out a bunch of lines that are fancy and full of slogans. He acknowledged that not everyone is happy with the Republican Party right now and that he wants to earn back their trust and comfort. I like that. I believe 100% in parent choice when it comes to education, so I was glad to hear that. Overall, I like him more now than I did before. I think he’s a great choice for President. I believe we will be safe and we will prosper with him in the White House.

Other: Regarding the press and Democrats making a big deal about the relationship between Sarah Palin’s sex-ed stance and her daughter’s pregnancy…really, how many people who receive sex-ed and condoms and everything else still end up pregnant? A lot. She could have put her child on birth control and still ended up with a pregnant daughter. Kids have sex, regardless of what their parents and teachers say. Sometimes they use protection, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes the protection works, sometimes it doesn’t. Does it make it okay? No, but it’s reality. When reality hits, you have to deal with it the best way you can and trying to place blame after that is pointless.
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